Advanced Astrology: A Deep Dive

Advanced Astrology: Transits, Progressions, Rectification, and More

Advanced Astrology: A Deep Dive

Welcome back to our series on astrology! If you're just joining us, be sure to check out our previous post on astrology basics, where we discussed the planets, stars, houses, and how they relate to you. Today, we'll be taking a deeper dive into the fascinating world of advanced astrology.

The Astrological Aspects

Aspects are an essential part of astrology that influence a natal chart. They refer to the angular relationships between planets, which can be major, like conjunctions, squares, and trines, or minor. Understanding the aspects in a natal chart can give deeper insight into one's personality and life experiences.

The Astrological Transits

Transits are another crucial aspect of astrology. They involve the current position of planets in relation to a natal chart and can be used to predict significant life events. By interpreting transits in a natal chart, we can plan for the future and gain a better understanding of what's to come.

The Astrological Progressions

Progressions differ from transits and involve the movement of planets over time, representing long-term cycles in a natal chart. They can be used to predict major life events and gain insight into personal growth and development.

The Astrological Midpoints

Midpoints are an often-overlooked aspect of astrology, but they can provide valuable information about a natal chart. They refer to the halfway point between two planets and can be used to gain deeper insight into personality traits and life experiences.

The Astrological Rectification

Rectification is a process used to correct an unknown birth time in astrology. By analyzing life events and comparing them to the positions of planets at certain times, we can estimate a birth time and gain a more accurate understanding of a natal chart. There are different methods of rectification, each with their pros and cons.

The Astrological Synastry

Synastry involves comparing two natal charts to gain insight into compatibility between two people. By analyzing the aspects and planetary positions in both charts, we can gain a better understanding of the dynamics between two individuals.

The Astrological Forecasting

Forecasting involves using different methods to predict future events. Some of the most common methods include Solar Returns, Progressed Lunation and Directions. By analyzing these methods and interpreting the results, we can gain insight into what's to come and plan accordingly.

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